A New Approach To Spine Care

We provide individualized spine care designed to help you achieve a better function and a higher quality of life.

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The Revolution Of Personalized Spine Care

Royal Spine Surgery is a pioneer in modern spine care and surgery. Our approach to spine care starts with the comprehensive assessment you deserve to implement the best spine care you desire. We firmly believe that, since each individual’s spine is unique, your care should be personalized and tailored to you.

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Unlocking The Key To Your Spine Health

Your spine is a complex structure. It protects your spinal cord and nerves, it anchors your muscles, and it provides structural support and stability for your posture, positioning, and movement. Problems affecting your spine can be challenging to diagnose as they can result in neurological, mechanical, and painful conditions. Using comprehensive assessment tools and advanced imaging modalities, our goal is to simplify the complexity of the spine to identify any underlying problems and establish the correct diagnosis.

Disk Herniation

Disc Herniation

A condition where the gel-like material inside a spinal disc is pushed out through a crack or fissure.

Disc HerniationLearn More
Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis

Narrowing of the spinal canal that can compress and put pressure on the spinal cord and nerves.

Spinal StenosisLearn More
Lumbar Radiculopathy


A condition where a spinal nerve root is compressed, leading to pain, numbness, or weakness in the affected area.

RadiculopathyLearn More
Cervical Myolopathy

Cervical Myelopathy

A neurological disorder caused by compression of the spinal cord resulting in numbness in the hands, difficulty with coordination and balance, and bladder dysfunction.

Cervical MyolopathyLearn More


A condition where the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back to the leg, is compressed or irritated.

SciaticaLearn More
Neurogenic Claudication

Neurogenic Claudication

A condition caused by nerve compression or irritation in the lower back during physical activity, resulting in lower back and/or leg pain, numbness, or weakness.

Neurogenic ClaudicationLearn More
Dr. Mohamed M. Abdulhamid


A Personalized Roadmap To Your Spine Health And Recovery

You deserve to be given every piece of information pertinent to your spine health so you can make educated decisions with confidence. We empower you to make informed medical decisions regarding your spine health. We will lay out your options clearly, and we will help guide you through making the best choice for yourself.

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Minimally Invasive Options Extraordinary Outcomes

The artistry of spine surgery lies not only in the skill and precision required to operate on such a delicate and complex structure, but also in the ability to achieve extraordinary outcomes with minimal invasiveness. Our approach is to simplify the complexity of the spine and its associated conditions, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and technology to provide minimally invasive options that allow for less postoperative pain and faster recovery times. By customizing a plan tailored to each individual’s needs, we strive to achieve extraordinary outcomes that restore function and quality of life.

Microtube Spine Surgery

MicroTube™ Spine Surgery

Experience Faster Recovery and Minimal Pain with MicroTube™ Spine Surgery: A Revolutionary Minimally Invasive Spinal Procedure!

Artificial Disc Replacement

Artificial Disc Replacement

Revolutionize Your Spine Health with Artificial Disc: A Safe and Effective Alternative to Spinal Fusion!

Minimally Invasive Fusion Surgery

Minimally Invasive   Fusion Surgery

Get Back to Your Active Lifestyle with Minimally Invasive Spine Fusion Surgery: An Innovative Approach to Spinal Fusion!

Non-Surgical Advanced Treatment Program

SpineVive™ / BodyVive™

Non-Surgical Advanced Treatment Program Designed for Relief, Recovery, and Restoration.


Restoring Your Life, One Step At A Time

At Royal Spine Surgery, we believe that recovery is a journey, not a destination. We understand that recovering from spinal surgery can be a challenging process, but with our patient-centered approach, we're committed to guiding you every step of the way. Our goal is to ensure that your recovery is not only successful but also empowering. We believe in restoring your life one step at a time, allowing you to reclaim your independence and confidence. Let us help you rediscover what it means to live without the limitations of spine pain, and embrace a brighter future full of possibilities.

Restoring Your Life
Surgeon who listens

You Deserve a Surgeon Who Listens

At Royal Spine Surgery, we are committed to treating you as an individual, with a tailored approach meant for your specific needs. Minimally invasive surgery is a great alternative to traditional methods that prolong recovery and pain. We’ll find the best treatment for you that will minimize downtime and get you closer to a better quality of life.


What Our Patients Say



Dr. Abdulhamid’s technical skills, professionalism and skill in communicating with the patient are of the highest order. After Randy’s surgery, Dr. A came out from surgery and spent time explaining the surgery to me (Randy’s wife). A very much appreciated the amount of quality time he spent with me even though I knew had other surgeries to attend.


This has been fantastic! Dr. A explained everything to me and really took his time to make sure I understood the surgery. A+!


Your office and staff were amazing. Dr. A and his assistant are also amazing. I feel very fortunate to have had a very good doctor as well as assistant. Thank you Dr. A very much. I felt so comfortable as Im deathly afraid of being put to sleep and Dr. A and his assistant were very understanding and compassionate.


Excellent experience with Dr. A! Explained everything thoroughly, followed up after surgery to check on me. Did an excellent job on my back.