What Is Lumbago and How Is It Treated?


As we spend more time sitting in office chairs and watching TV, people find themselves suffering from lower back pain, or lumbago. Lumbago is the term that doctors use to describe a number of different symptoms that originate with pain in the lower back muscles. Here we will look at common causes of lumbago and how it is treated.

What Is Lumbago?

Lumbago is typically described as mild to severe pain in the lower back. Most people feel the pain most prominently near their spine, but it tends to radiate outward and can even feel like cramps in the buttocks, groin, and thighs. In other cases, the cramps travel upward to the neck and shoulders, causing a stiffening sensation. This occurs because the muscles in the lower back are spasming, causing them to contract beyond your control, which puts pressure on the body and prevents you from moving freely. Lumbago strikes sporadically, and you may experience bouts of pain-free living interrupted by a sudden onset of pain which takes a few weeks to heal.

How Is Lumbago Treated?

Treatment for lumbago varies widely depending on the cause and severity of the case. The best way to prevent future attacks is to make sure that you are staying active and stretching regularly. This keeps the muscles of the lower back healthy, and they will be less likely to spasm. Core exercises, proper posture, and regular stretches can all prevent occurences of lumbago. When the pain is at its worst, doctors often prescribe pain medications and steroids to help dull the aches and pains, as well as strengthening the muscles. You may also use an ice pack or a heat pad to help your muscles relax, and your doctor may recommend special medical equipment or furniture to adjust your posture so that your lower back will feel less strain.

Lumbago is a growing problem among people of all ages. For the most part, it is a temporary condition that can be remedied with proper exercise and stretching, but for those who experience ongoing pain in the lower back, more advanced treatments are available. Dr. Abdulhamid is an expert in treating chronic lumbago cases, and can help you find a treatment and maintenance plan that will help you manage your pain and get the most out of life. To learn more about treatment options and proper exercises for strengthening your lower back muscles, contact Royal Spine Surgery today and schedule a consultation right away.