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May 7, 2019

The Best Ways to Sleep With Back Pain

When nighttime falls, most of us have no problem falling asleep. For others, rest doesn’t come as easily as they’d like. Pain can cause our bodies to miss out on the sleep needed to heal, further exacerbating our misery when we wake up.For those who experience back pain at night, here are some tips for the best ways to get that much needed shut eye.

Have an Extra Pillow on Hand

Pillows aren’t just for your head. They can provide valuable support for your back as well. There are many different ways to support your back during the night with the aid of an extra pillow, including putting it between or under your knees, depending on how you’re positioned. Next time, maybe grab an extra pillow and try one of these 5 best sleeping positions to ease your back pain.

Sleep on Your Back (Or Side)

For those who experience back pain, your sleeping position is one of the simplest and most crucial things you can change to help alleviate your pain. Of the three main sleeping positions, sleeping on your stomach is considered the worst, due to its constrictive nature. Sleeping on your back is the most optimal position to sleep in. It takes a lot of fluffy pillows, but you can train yourself to sleep on your back. For those who prefer to sleep on their sides, there are ways to help alleviate back pain, mostly with the strategic aid of a pillow.

Buy a New Mattress

Chances are the one you’re sleeping on is too old. Mattresses should be replaced every 7-8 years or so. Over time, our mattresses decline in quality, which can cause a myriad of sleep problems, including back pain. When going to the mattress store, be sure to take your time trying out each mattress, as a new mattress is the key to a good night’s sleep. Your pillow can also be a cause of back pain, as your pillow predominantly supports your neck and promotes proper alignment. If you're experiencing back pain at night, it might be time to get a new pillow, as well.

Sleep Without Your Heating Pad

Sleeping with your electric heating pad is dangerous and can lead to fires or skin burns, even if it has an auto shutoff function. If you’re looking to ease your pain while you sleep, a recommended method is to use a microwaveable heating pad. This way, the heat dies off as you fall asleep and there is no risk of waking up with a bad burn.

If you’re not sleeping well and need assistance in locating the source of your back pain, Royal Spine Surgery can help. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

Dr. Abdulhamid


Dr. Abdulhamid

Dr. Abdulhamid is a highly skilled and experienced board-certified neurosurgeon with a passion for providing exceptional spine care. He specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery and has a reputation for achieving outstanding results for his patients. His commitment to excellence and patient-centered approach have earned him the trust and respect of his patients and colleagues alike.

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