Need a Second Opinion?

Have You Been Told You Need A Spinal Procedure By Your Physician?

After completing seven years of neurosurgical residency training, Dr. Mohamed Abdulhamid dedicated a full year of fellowship training to the field of spine surgery, including minimally invasive spine surgery.  He has been able to successfully manage and treat various conditions of the spine, including degenerative spine conditions, trauma, tumor, infection and revision, utilizing minimally invasive spine surgery and GPS spine navigation technology.

The decision to undergo a spinal procedure can be very difficult and stressful, especially, when combined with doubts about the need for and the nature of the procedure being offered to you.  In such circumstances, seeking a second opinion could address the concerns and questions you might have about your spine condition and health.

Dr. Abdulhamid welcomes those patients seeking a second opinion.  Regardless of the type of condition you have or procedure you are being offered, he will provide you with an unbiased opinion based on his assessment and evaluation.  While it is not a requirement, please keep in mind that a second opinion could only be fully complete with an in-person visit in clinic with him.

If interested in obtaining a second opinion, please contact us at 480-771-8207 or fill out the following form and type in “second opinion” in the SUBJECT field.